Saturday/ new digs 🏡

I like to peek into the new townhomes that appear around Capitol Hill when I go for a walk.

Here’s the first floor of the model townhome, one of 12 built in two blocks of six, at Capitol Hill’s 13th Ave E and E Roy St.
Prices range from $900,000 (2 bed, 2 bath, 1,195 sq ft) to $1,285,000 (2 bed, 2 bath, 1,930 sq ft).
This building is in a great location but one would have to be able to afford it— and accept features such as the galley kitchen (on the left, at the back of the first floor), and the flights of stairs connecting the three floors.
Reflected in the window from across the street is 1910 landmark building The Maryland, a co-op with 20 units. Right next The Maryland it another 5-story building is under construction.
The open space between the two buildings will feature lovely. I love this cute woolly thyme ground cover plants. Maybe I’ll get some for my own yard. It looks like I will have to find a spot with ‘full sunlight’, though.

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