Thursday/ a brand-new lawn 🐛

There it is: the first time ever since I had lived in my ole house, that new topsoil and grass seed have been put in.
(Yes, yes- I know that lawns are anathema to some environmentalists, but mine is really small. And my lawn services company says we don’t have great solutions for the Seattle climate yet, for ground cover greenery as an alternative).

I have strict instructions (from the lawn services company that took out the moss and put down a top soil and grass seed mix) to keep the soil moist. Not dry, and not overly wet, either. That way the seeds will germinate and hopefully new green shoots will be visible in 14 days. A grand little exercise in botany, no?
The sprinkler works fine, but doesn’t quite cover all the spots. I used a watering wand tonight that gives me more control, and that will work a little better.

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