Saturday/ a freehold 🏠

The construction of the Central District Freehold apartment building on 19th Avenue East with its 61 apartments is now complete.
It was designed for active seniors (55+) and residents are qualified for its affordable rent, based on their income.
The project was funded by Mount Zion Housing Development (MZHD), a housing group founded in 1988 to provide affordable housing to seniors in Seattle’s Central District.

From the Mount Zion Housing Development website:
The word Freehold means a permanent and absolute form of tenure by which real property is held for life.
As such, it must have two qualities: unmovable and it is held forever. “We like the words within the word – Free + Hold; The word reflects our values of history, inspiration, safety, connection, hope, and renewal. The mere definition reflects the mission and vision of MZHD”.
We wanted to remember the history of the Central District, its people, places, and events. Events and places such as: The Mardi Gras, The Birdland, The Drum Room, Madison Plaza, Volume Food Market, The Black and Tan, The Seafair Parade down 23rd Ave. All of these places and events evoke memories for those people who have connections or historical ties to the Central District. In living at The Central District Freehold, we wanted people to feel invigorated by the memory of these events and places.

The Central District Freehold apartment building on 19th Avenue East.
Hopefully I have it right, with the iconic pictures, top to bottom:
Barack Obama, 44th U.S. President
Harriet Tubman, abolitionist
Malcolm X, American Muslim minister and civil rights activist
Rosa Parks, civil rights activist
Frederick Douglass, social reformer and abolitionist

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