Saturday/ Alaska Route 3 🏞

These pictures are from a four-hour roundtrip drive on Alaska Route 3 South— from Fairbanks to the Denali National Park Visitor Center.

There is a dog sled sign on the dirt road from our cottage to Fairbanks. It’s not that the dogs and sled will cross the road— they will share the road with traffic (in wintertime, when there is several inches of snow on the ground).
That’s the Alaska Native Veterans’ Honor Bridge over the Tanana River in the distance, constructed in 1967.
This monument is at the entrance of the town of Nenana.
The plaque on the monument reads as follows: During World War II under the leadership of Major “Muktuk” Marston and 21 paid staff, 6,368 volunteers from 7 native ethnic groups and European Americans, whose ages ranged from 12 to 80 years old, and including some 30 women, watched the northern shores of Alaska for enemy movements and were instrumental in the Battle for Attu, a foreign war battle fought on domestic soil. In commemoration of their personal sacrifices for our Freedom.
This canister accepts entries for a ‘lottery’ for which entrants need to predict the exact minute in May of 2024 when this beacon on the ice of the Nenana River will fall over, due to the melting of the ice in spring. (Winner gets several thousand dollars, depending on the number of entries).
The Nenana River Bridge near Healy, not far from Denali National Park, was constructed in 1970.
A view from under the Nenana River Bridge.
The tourist season is over and the rafts are gone, but here is a picture of what the rafts looks like. There is a steep embankment and a launch ramp (without people in, I presume!) for the rafts to the waterside on the left of the picture.
Hellooo Mr Moose. Inside the Denali Visitor Center.
Looking back at Denali mountain, from Healy on Alaska Route 3.
The summit of Denali is the highest mountain peak in North America, elevation 20,310 ft (6,190 m).

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