Friday/ the South Bank

We took the bus this morning to South Brisbane and South Bank, on the banks of the Brisbane river.

Inside the Route 125 bus on the way to the South Bank bus station. The TransLink Go card that I had used on the train yesterday, is good for buses and ferries as well.
This is Street Beach on the banks of the Brisbane River. The sand is trucked in from the a beach on the coast! The green is a large swimming pool. The brown above the green is the Brisbane River.
The prominent skyscraper in the middle is 1 William Street (42 floors, opened in 2016).
The construction project to its left is Queen’s Wharf Brisbane, scheduled for completion in late 2023. It will contain high-end residences (around US $2 million) and public spaces and entertainment venues.
The Clem Jones Promenade runs along the river, with a green space and magnificent fig trees providing shade for warm summer days.
This is the Nepalese Peace Pagoda nearby, that was built in 1988 by craftsmen from Kathmandu for the Brisbane Expo 88.
Looking northeast towards the downtown skyline. The Victoria Bridge (concrete, constructed in 1969) is on the far left. The skyscraper on the left is ‘The One‘ apartment (condominium) tower that had opened earlier this year (82 floors). The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane construction project is on the right.
The intersection of Queen Street & William Street on the opposite side of the Brisbane River, at the Victoria Bridge. The periwinkle, yellow, orange and lime green buildings are part of a public square called Reddacliff Place, named in honor of prominent Brisbane architect Trevor Reddacliff (born 1942, dec. 2005).
The Treasury Building on the right, was constructed in 1930. It is now the home of the Treasury Casino and Hotel Brisbane.
The Australian white ibis is found across Australia, and I have already seen a few of them here in the city. They eat frogs, fish, crustaceans and —scraps of food that humans may have discarded on the streets.

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