Sunday/ Denny Way construction report

This afternoon, I walked down to the 45-story apartment towers on Denny Way (official address: 1200 Stewart Street) to see how the construction is coming along.

I paused at the Melrose Avenue overlook as usual, to peer out at the Space Needle. The Needle is 60 years old this week, on April 21. Surely the owners will put a flag up, to celebrate the milestone?
The Brothers (a pair of prominent peaks in the Olympic Mountains near Hood Canal) are to the right of the bare flagpole on the right.
Here’s the 3-story podium of flanked by Denny Way an Minor Ave. The 45-story tower is hiding its twin right behind it. That’s the Seattle City Light Denny Substation with its Frankenstein tree (my name for it) art installation, on the left.
The podium wraps around towards Stewart Street. The installation of the window panes on each floor is slowly progressing.
Here’s a reflection of the two towers off the Building Cure (opened 2019) belonging to Seattle Children’s Hospital.
I see I caught a sun halo of sorts from the sun behind the building on my picture. I couldn’t really see it with the naked eye. (Sun halos can appear when sunlight interacts with ice crystals that are suspended in the atmosphere).

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