Wednesday/ a brisk walk

It was only 38 °F (3 °C ) as I walked back home today after getting a haircut.
It was good to get out of the house, though .. and hey! I thought: might as well try my luck to get another passport photo taken.

The kiosk at the Bartell pharmacy* at Broadway & Pike had me in and out with great photos in 5 minutes.

*Officially Bartell Drugs or the Bartell drug store. Yes, I know it’s prescription drugs —but it still doesn’t sound right to my ears.

There was a crew cleaning up the main entrance of the beleaguered Kelly-Springfield Building on 11th Avenue. As it was getting ready to open is office spaces (most of it leased by WeWork), the pandemic came. And then in June 2020 the Capitol Hill Organized Protest and its graffiti and vandalism happened right there (half a block away) as well.
A little further north on 11th Ave. on Capitol Hill, is the Central Lutheran Church building. It is boasting new white paint on its gothic-styled main entrance. The Capitol Hill location’s land was purchased in 1901 for $2,300, according to the Central Lutheran archives. The building must have been constructed soon after that.
Nearby the Central Lutheran Church, is the German United Church of Christ, its building also more than 100 years old. It was founded in 1881 by early German settlers, calling themselves “The First German Reformed Church of Seattle.” Today they are largely supported by private donations, and the “German Heritage Society”, the “Plattdeutscher Verein” and the “Frauenverein”.

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