Monday/ my first Covid test

I injured my wrist on the tennis court some time ago.
An X-ray (done in November) had revealed that the two bones at the base of my thumb (the scaphoid and the lunate) are no longer snug against each other, but separated. This means that the ligament between them is torn.

So I’m going in for an outpatient operation on Wednesday to have the ligament repaired, and I have to present a negative Covid-19 test. I will get the results of the test tomorrow. I should be good to go. Fingers crossed.

The scene at the make-shift Covid testing booth at 319 Terry Avenue, outside Harborview Hospital. They are taking scheduled appointments only, so the line was short. 
I appreciated that they checked us in outside, with the walk-up window where the nasal swab was done, just a few steps away. (On top of it all there was an icy wind about. Any cold, flu or Covid viruses were surely blown to oblivion).

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