Sunday/ sunny and ‘cold’

It was sunny and ‘cold’ (I guess one could say ‘brisk’) today with a high of only 42°F (5.5°C).

Here’s a few minutes after sunset (4.18 pm), looking towards the Space Needle from the corner of 14th Avenue & Thomas St. Those are the Olympic mountains in the distance (on the Olympic Peninsula). The two peaks towards the right are The Brothers*, with the south peak at 6,842 ft (2,085 m) a little higher (by 192 ft/ 59 m) than the north peak. There are no official trails to these summits, but the south peak is considered a non-technical climb (meaning no equipment such as body harness, rope, crampons, or ice tools are needed). Good to know, but no thank you!
*Not the highest peaks in the Olympic Mountains; Mount Olympus peak is at 7,963′ (2,430 m) elevation.
[Information from Wikipedia]

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