Sunday/ storm-chasing in Louisiana

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winds in a hurricane go counterclockwise. The strongest winds are almost always found in the eyewall, at or near the right front— the forward—quadrant of the storm. The forward speed of the hurricane is added to the rotational wind speeds generated by the storm itself. [Graphic from Wikipedia].
This is at the Walmart at Raceland, Louisiana, just off Route LA-1. I am guessing the wind speed is at least 80 mph here; Reed Timmer kept saying he is in the eyewall of the storm (it’s several miles wide), and trying to get to the eye of the storm. [Still from Facebook Live feed from Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist].

Here’s a Google Streetview shot of the same location in Raceland, LA. There’s a Splash Carwash on the left (will not need THAT today!), with the Walmart on the right.

Downed powerlines blocking the road just a little further up in the road on LA-1 by Raceland, LA. (Stating the obvious: always stay well clear of powerlines!). Storm chaser Reed Timmer found a way around these, using the surrounding streets. [Still from Facebook Live feed from Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist].
Ida made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane near Port Fourchon, Louisiana. The entire city of New Orleans was without power on Sunday night.

I watched a little bit of storm-chasing on YouTube and Facebook Live today.
Below are stills from the Facebook Live feed from Reed Timmer ‘Extreme Meteorologist’.

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