Monday/ here’s the Safari Wildlife Treehouse

I finally built the LEGO Creator Safari Wildlife Tree House (31116) that I had bought in July.

The giraffe is the star of the set. I added the alligator* in the reeds, some leaves to the tree, and the color embellishments on the ground and around the flamingo.
*The alligator is one molded LEGO piece with a movable jaw and tail. Nice.

31116 LEGO Creator Safari Wildlife Tree House (and then some)
What I love about the set: the giraffe, the rocks & the ladder attached to it, and the bird & anemometer on the roof. What I question somewhat: the red & blue colors for the treehouse structure, and the beige for the platform (a darker brown would have been better). And then: there is a complete toilet and washbasin inside the treehouse! Over the top.

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