Sunday/ shopping at Amazon Fresh

I was out of milk and eggs, and thought to go check out the new Amazon Fresh store on 23rd Avenue & Jackson St.

The technology that Amazon had built into the ‘dash carts’ works fine, and made for a smooth experience. Is it something that will save me so much time that I will come back to the store just for that? I don’t think so— but then I have the luxury of extra time in my day, and I can avoid the crowds at stores (by going at a quiet time).

The store is in a long rectangular space (35,000 sq ft) and has a decent selection of items. Nice selection of fruit and vegetables.
Here’s the high-tech ‘dash cart’ that is used in the store. It’s optional to use; they have regular carts as well. I logged into my Amazon account on my smartphone, and from there generated a QR code on the phone. This code is scanned by the cart, and then the shopper is good to go.
Those built-in white lights front & back of the cart are scanners, and picks up what item is lowered into the cart. (There is a scale in the cart as well, to help it figure out if you put one or 2 items in, or maybe changed your mind and put one back on the shelf). I think if all else fails, the scanner on the right of the screen can also be used.
P.S. Don’t judge my choices of food :). I buy cheap milk and expensive butter (Kerrygold from Ireland), and expensive eggs (free range, ‘Humane Certified’). They did not have my brand of Greek yogurt (Fage) that I buy in the big 35 oz. tubs.
For fresh produce, the PLU code needs to be entered, and the quantity. 15c a banana is a bargain, but I can only eat so many before all the rest go bad— so I bought 5.
When I was done shopping, I just pushed my cart through an automated finishing lane. The system rang me up and e-mailed the receipt to me. These dash carts cannot be taken out of the store, so the bags would have to be transferred to a regular cart if needed. I brought my own bags, but the store had dash carts available with paper bags at the ready in them, as well.

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