Wednesday/ beers & grub at The Elysian

Yay! We made it back into The Elysian tonight, for the first time in some 15 months. (We had ordered take-out meals from it several times during this period, though).

Ordering beers and food is done by each individual, using a smartphone. The diner zaps the QR code on the card with the phone’s camera (card visible in the middle of the table), pick items from the menu, and pay for it on the phone by credit card, tip included. The wait staff shows up with the items a little bit later.

Will restaurants like The Elysian go back to physical menus in say, 6 months or so? Time will tell. One would assume that they do take orders from patrons that do not have even one smart phone in the group, to place an order with. (Aliens from Mars?).

Cheers! Three amigos at The Elysian. My beer is an Elysian Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale (6.4% ABV). Indoor dining in King County is allowed at 50% capacity, but it seemed to me that not even 25% of the seats were occupied.

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