Wednesday/ all-time low for the 10 Year T-Bond

Well, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index tried to close in the green today, but failed. The next few weeks — and even months — may get ugg-ly for investors.

The 10-Year US Treasury Bond’s rate closed at an all-time low today: 1.310 %. So: many investors are putting their money into these bonds to seek safety from the stock market sell-off, driving the rates down.

Update Fri 2/28:  When all had been said and done at the end of a tumultuous  week, the 10-Year had closed down even lower, at 1.13 %. So going to 1.00 % is certainly possible.

Update Tue 3/3:  And there it was. The 10-year US Treasury note yield ended the day at 1.005%, after falling to an intraday record low of 0.914%. Earlier in the day, the Federal Reserve Bank surprised everyone with a 0.50% emergency rate cut to the federal funds rate (now down to 1.00-1.25%, from 1.50-1.75%).

Here’s a 1979 $10,000 Treasury Bond, gloriously printed on paper, and look at that rate: 10 1/8 %. These days transactions and records of ownership are all done electronically, in the same way that paper share certificates for company stock ownership are no longer issued. I wonder if we will see 10% interest rates again here in the United States, in my lifetime, given the tight hands-on approach of the Federal Reserve, that we have become accustomed to after 2008. [From Wikipedia].

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