Tuesday/ on coronavirus watch

‘Have you visited China in the last three months?‘ inquired the check-in person at the doctor’s office of me, yesterday.  ‘No, I have not’, said I, not sure what they would have done if I answered that I had been.

They need to add many more countries to that question, soon. Even the 2020 Summer Olympics is now said to hang in the balance, and it may be canceled altogether if the spread of the COVID-19 virus is not under control by May.

China still has the vast, vast majority of confirmed corona cases (77, 658), but the list of countries with confirmed cases is growing: USA 53, Canada 10, UK 13, Spain 2, France 12, Belgium 1, Austria 2, Croatia 1, Italy 229, Sweden 1, Finland 1, Russia 2, Egypt 1, Iraq 5, Iran 95, Afghanistan 1, Oman 2, Egypt 1, United Arab Emirates 13, India 3, Sri Lanka 1, Thailand 35, Vietnam 16, Malaysia 22, Australia 23, South Korea 977, Japan 159. [Source: www.aljazeera.com].
Here’s Fake President Trump, upset only because the coronavirus makes him look bad (nevermind that people are suffering and dying). His administration dismantled protocols and federal agencies for coordinated responses to outbreaks (that Obama put together for the ebola virus), and so now they are foundering in their response to the virus, and lying about it.  

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