Friday morning/ at Seattle-Tacoma airport

I am at the aeroporte, camping out at the gate here in South Terminal for my flight to Tokyo.

Here’s my Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner that will fly to Tokyo. I went into ‘aviation geek’ mode and looked up the details for the air frame registration code on the tail (JA842J). The air frame is 4.6 yrs old, and was produced in Everett right here in Washington State.
Here is the sky bridge that is under construction, as seen here from the South Terminal. The span of the bridge is 900 ft, and it sits 85 ft above the active taxiway below. The construction is a little bit behind schedule; it was supposed to open late this year. The sky bridge is part of improvements for the International Arrivals Facility.
Here is an artist’s rendering of the completed sky bridge. Arriving passengers at South Satellite terminal (the planes parked on the left) will go across the bridge and over Concourse A (bottom right) to customs, inside the IAF (on the far right). The bridge is 900 ft long, and 85 ft above the active taxiway below.

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