Monday/ Galleria Kaufhof

My movements on Monday were curtailed by persistent, soaking rain! I postponed my trips to the Geldmuseum (money museum) and Schloss Höchst (castle Höchst) until my return stop here, and spent some time in the Galleria Kaufhof, a classic department store with seven floors.

It seems the ravages of Amazon has not yet hit Germany, or at least not this store in particular.  The store is a great experience, and besides – total square footage of department stores in Europe is roughly half that of the square footage in the United States. So: they may be safe for now.

I’m taking refuge under a large umbrella across from a nice Christmas market stall. This is close to the MyZeil shopping mall, with the Galleria Kaufhof department store in the background.
Inside the Galleria Kaufhof. CLockwise from top left: life-size tiger at the Schleich animal figurine display. Nice! | Adidas t-shirt featuring the Deutscher Fussballbund (German soccer federation) and touting their 2014 World Cup win | life-size Panda bear complete with bamboo, at the Schleich display | these cute creatures are German Christmas elves (?), I think. I guess they belong by the Christmas tree, but I’m not sure!

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