Wednesday/ the Trump Circus

Trump and the Russians on Thursday’s front page of the Washington Post with its slogan ‘Democracy dies in darkness’. Writes Kyle Pope in the Columbia Journalism Review: in the three years since Amazon’s Jeff Bezos bought the Post for $250 million—now seen as a steal for one of the great brands in publishing—the Post has reinvented itself with digital speed. Its Web traffic has doubled since Bezos arrived, and it far outstrips The New York Times (and even BuzzFeed) in the number of online posts its reporters file every day.

As Chris Cilizza writes on even by Trump’s standards, the last 24 hours in the Trump circus have been surreal.

Today, as the White House press pool reporters were invited into the Oval Office, they expected the scheduled meeting between Trump and Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, but it was Henry Kissinger (he’s 93) – best known for his role as Secretary of State to President Richard Nixon – with him.

Trump did meet with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Photographers from White House press pool were not allowed in, but those of Russian news agency TASS were.

Here are the observations from German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeiting (‘Five reasons why it was a mistake to fire the FBI boss’):
1. Trump completely underestimated the reaction of the Democrats (thought they would be OK with it);
2. Trump did not get the hoped-for support from the Republicans;
3. Trump cannot provide sufficient justification for the timing of the dismissal;
4. Trump brought the Dept. of Justice into disrepute;
5. It is unlikely, but Comey’s dismissal could eventually cost him the presidency.

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