Tuesday/ in search of the truth

Well – I don’t care if you are Tom Clancy.  You cannot make this stuff up.

Trump mocking Senator Chuck Schumer, top Democrat in the Senate, shortly after firing FBI Director Comey. Schumer advised him against doing it, and is now calling for an independent 9-11 type of investigation.

News broke late on Tuesday that un-presidential President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey – supposedly for damaging public confidence in the FBI after his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation. (Total baloney. Trump praised Comey for his ‘courage’ in 2016 while he was campaigning).

Run-up to the firing: A letter titiled ‘Restoring public confidence in the FBI’ recommending Comey’s dismissal, was written by Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein (he was appointed by Trump, only in office since April 25). Then Attorney General Jeff Sessions also recommended his dismissal (Sessions also appointed by Trump, and supposed to be recused from the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia).

Meanwhile, Comey, in California today, learned of his firing from a TV in the FBI field office that showed breaking news of his dismissal.  He thought it was a joke at first. No heads-up to him or anyone on his staff; no courtesy of a phone call.  (Trump’s long-time bodyguard hand-delivered a letter to Comey’s office, but this was after news broke in the media.  Trump did not bother to appear on TV today.  And this is how to restore public confidence in the FBI, by such disrespect?).

There is an open internal investigation into Comey’s breaches of FBI protocol  re: the Clinton e-mails, but Rosenstein, Sessions and Trump did not bother to wait for the outcome.  Were they feeling the heat of the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties?

Tomorrow, in the first scheduled event after firing Comey, Trump is meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the White House.  Do they not realize how bad this looks, or do they just not care?

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