Tuesday/ first day for the new £1 coin

The new £1 coin has a latent image (in the middle at the bottom), micro-lettering – very small lettering on the lower inside rim on both sides of the coin – and an undisclosed high-security feature, built into the coin, to protect it from counterfeiting in the future.

The Royal Mint is rolling out* a new £1 coin in the United Kingdom today, the first update of the £1 coin since 1983. It is billed as the world’s most secure coin and features a ‘latent’ image  that changes from a ‘£’ symbol to the number ‘1’ when the coin is seen from different angles. (Cool).

I was curious to see if the current 1.2413 exchange rate is actually an all-time low for the British Pound against the US Dollar, but it is not : the record low of 1.05 was in 1985.

*Rolling out may not be the right term to use. The coin is 12 sided with alternatively smooth and grooved edges.  The old round coin could roll smoothly, but not so with the new one.

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