Monday/ hello, Heidelberg

It takes about 48 minutes on the Stuttgart-bound train from Frankfurt to Heidelberg.

I took a Deutsche Bahn train to Heidelberg today in the morning, returning to Frankfurt some 4 hours later.  It’s not the best time of year to visit, of course – but Heidelberg has Heidelberg University, founded in the 14th century.  I also wanted to check out Heidelberg Castle, conveniently located on Königstuhl hill right by the Altstadt (old town).

This is Markplatz right next to Heiliggeistkirche (the Holy Ghost Church), off Hauptstrasse. It is chilly – not a lot of people around!
This is the Neckar River that runs through Heidelberg. It is a major tributary to the Rhine. To the right of the sluice gates is a set of locks, elevating the river surface upstream by a few feet.
This is the entrance to the Institute for Translation and Interpreting at the University of Heidelberg, at 52 Hauptstrasse.
This is looking west on Hauptstrasse, with Zum Guldenen Schaf (‘To the Golden Sheep’) tavern on my right.
This is an ornate and very beautiful pair of entrance doors on Universitätsplatz (University Square).
This little square is called Kornmarkt (I think) .. in the background on Königstuhl hill is the redstone buildings and remains of Heidelberg Castle.
Heidelberg has the distinction of having both the oldest and the most modern funicular railways in Germany. The lower portion opened in 1890, and was most recently updated in 2004, giving it the ‘most modern’ title as well.  Here’s the little train car on the funicular railway that goes up Königstuhl hill. There is a walkway up the hill as well (but it’s easier and way more fun to take the little train).
It’s a quick ride up, through some very old tunnel. I am sitting in the last row at the back, and this is the view down.
Alright! Let’s go inside and see what the castle looks like.
This is the back of the best-preserved part of the castle. The front overlooking the city, looks similar. The black and yellow flag on the tower on the right is the City of Heidelberg flag.
Lion’s head detail on the castle wall from the previous picture. Is this a sad lion? Like the one in the Wizard of Oz?
Here’s a zoomed-in view from the city from a vantage point on the castle.  The church towers of the Jesuitenkirche (Jesuit Church) on the left, and the Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost Church) on the right, stand out.   That’s the Neckar River at the top of the picture.


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