Saturday/ the ice cube has landed

I took the light rail train down to Pioneer Square on Saturday to check out the ice cube (that I wrote about last Sunday). It’s pretty cool (icy, to be exact), but not a solid cube. ¬† Afterwards I walked up six blocks to University Street station and stopped along the way to check out The Mark, a new high-rise building¬†under construction on Fifth Avenue.

So .. here is the ice cube at noon on Saturday. It ‘landed’ in this spot in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle on Friday night. I suspect it was put together on the spot, the eight layers of ice bricks that make the cube. The edges of the bricks are warmer than their core, and starts melting first, of course.
This is a bike rally making their way up First Avenue, by Pioneer Square. The guy in front with the Rainier brewery sidecar has a ‘Thin Blue Line’ American flag : showing support for the nation’s police force.
Here is The Mark, a 660-foot (200 m) high building that will have 44 floors when completed in April 2017. The base has the smallest footprint of all the floors. I’m sure that is why those diagonal beams are necessary: to add rigidity to the bulging structure.

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