Wednesday night/ Lombard Street

8-25-2016 9-28-15 PM
Lombard Street runs along the eastern segment in the Russian Hill neighborhood.
IMG_6881 sm
Here is an early evening view from the top of the crooked section of Lombard Street (it’s nicely paved with brick all the way down).  I believe that’s the straight section of Lombard Street in the distance, running by the hilltop on the right with Coit Tower at its top.
IMG_6893 sm
Just an interesting apartment or condo building that I walked by. The homes in the neighborhood are eclectic : all a little different, or Victorian, or unusual.

There was a picture of Lombard Street (‘the world’s crookedest street’, with its 8 hairpin turns in one street block), in my hotel room.   And since it was just a few blocks away from the hotel, I had to go check it out.

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