Tuesday/ Brexit’s complexities

Check out this interesting diagram from Bloomberg Businessweek, showing how over-simplified the absolute black-and-white choice of Exit! or Remain! for the voters in the Brexit referendum actually was.  I guess ‘Remain’ would have meant the black box with U.K. stays where is .. but what exactly does “Exit’ mean?   Bloomberg offers four models, and there may be more.

This very enlightening and very Venn diagram* is from Bloomberg Businessweek. *A mathematical term for these overlapping circles that show which objects in a collection share common traits.
I had no idea there was such a thing as a pet passport -until I saw some tweets from British citizens wondering if their pets’ passports for the European Union will be invalidated as part of the Brexit negotiations. (Aw, how could it be invalidated, with such a sweet face?).




.. and what about me? Is anything bad going to happen?




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