Wednesday/ (not another) messaging app

Very cute, sending the bear with Line’s text message app (Is he brushing its teeth? with a cup of water?). Anyway, nobody is better than the Japanese at creating cute characters and emoticons.

I read the about the IPO of the Japanese tech company Line with some interest. Its main offering is a messaging app for smartphones, with cure emoticons and stickers to add to messages, and boasts some 300 million users in Japan and Southeast Asia.   Man! I thought .. should I download it? How many messaging and mailing apps does humanity need?  I already have and use two personal e-mail accounts, three e-mail accounts for work (one Lotus Notes, one Google Mail, one Outlook for my client work), text messaging, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and Facebook on my phone. Of course : last but not least, there is the phone itself, and voice mail.

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