Monday/ the new £5 note

Hmm .. I see there is a new polymer £5 note out in Great Britain : the first non-paper currency issued by the Bank of England in its 320-year history.  So I have got to get me one of those! (only US$6.61 at the current exchange rate).  Angela Monaghan writes in The Guardian of the picture of Winston Churchill : ‘The image of Churchill on the new plastic fiver is taken from a portrait captured by Yousuf Karsh in Ottawa, Canada, in December 1941. ‘The famous glower of the war-time hero prompted, in this case, by the photographer’s decision to take Churchill’s cigar away from him’ said Mark Carney of the Bank of England.

The new £5 note has the Queen on the front, Winston Churchill on the back, and a cool hologram of Big Ben. I like it!

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