Friday/ going home

I stayed over this Thursday night since I traveled out only on Tuesday morning.  I was very happy to step onto the airplane and yay! .. I even had an open seat next to me.  It feels like luxury flying up front in first class these days if one happens to have an open seat.

IMG_5964 sm
Here’s the western section of the Bay Bridge. I’m on Interstate 80 and heading in to the city of San Francisco; the airport is south of the city.
IMG_5966 sm
Here’s the International Terminal at SFO with All Nippon Airlines, Air China and United jets at the gates.
IMG_5988 sm22
We’re about to bank to the right, to fly over downtown Seattle on the way to land at Seattle-Tacoma airport to the south of the city. There is a lot to see in this picture if one knows what to look for: the tall black Columbia tower; the white dome of the Space Needle just below the cloud; Lake Washington and its two bridges; Washington State ferries (big white specks), and even a cruise ship on the edge of the water by downtown.

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