Thursday/ a war zone in Dallas

It’s 10.37 pm in California, and 1.37 am in Dallas.  The Dallas police chief is holding a news conference.  There was a peaceful protest march in Dallas earlier today, protesting two officer-involved shootings, one in Baton Rouge and one in Minneapolis.  There was a large supporting police presence.  Shots rang out, some of it sounding like automatic gun-fire.

Soon after the downtown was a war zone, and at one point every available Dallas area law enforcement officer was called out, in an effort to track down and find the snipers.  All public transportation – buses and trains – were halted.  Some 20 police officers with guns and flashlights out, were checking every parked car in downtown.

The shocking count as of now : a total of 11 officers shot, 4 dead, 1 person in custody. One person is in a stand-off with police in a downtown Dallas garage.

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