Monday/ more street cars

IMG_5383 sm
The ‘stop request’ sign in street car 1807 still shows the Italian.

Here’s the street car that ran me out to the downtown office this morning (from Fisherman’s Wharf). I see that I stated incorrectly in a previous blog post that these street cars were made in Italy : they were not.  These models were designed by Cleveland street railway commissioner Peter Witt, and built in the USA in the late 1920s.   The street cars were then exported to world cities such as Toronto, Mexico City, Madrid, and three Italian cities, Naples, Turin, and Milan.     Ten of these street cars were then bought many decades later by the City of San Francisco in 1998.

IMG_5380 sm
The Milan 1807 street car was built in 1928 in the USA, and exported to Milan. This type of car is named for Cleveland street railway commissioner Peter Witt, who designed it for his Ohio city around 1915.

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