Sunday/ back in SFO. already

I only had half of my weekend to spend in Seattle. I left early this morning, so Sunday found me already back in San Francisco, and in the office.   I am working with a proposal team to finalize our materials for a presentation on Wednesday, and we needed all the time we could find before then.

IMG_5370 sm
Here’s the BART train arriving at the airport. The train is very convenient, more so than a taxi (does not get stuck in traffic). A rental car for going to the city would be the worst option : driving in a strange city, and parking in a parking garage runs $34 or more for a day.
IMG_5252 sm
My colleague stays in the Hyatt by the our offices (the building with the sloped exterior). On the left is the Embarcadero Four office block, and that is the Bay Bridge in the distance.

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