Wednesday/ the Marina district

The Marina district is named after the San Francisco Marina on the shoreline.  There is also a strip of green lawn called the Marina Green between the water and the built-up area. IMG_5260 sm Buildings in the Marina district have suffered damage to earthquakes on more than one occasion the last century or so, but as Wikipedia notes : physically, the neighborhood appears to have changed very little since its construction in the 1920s.

Four of us from work went to an Italian restaurant in the Marina district tonight, and I did the very San Francisco thing of taking an ‘Uber pool’ ride home.  (Smart phone app used to summon a driver, shown on the map with his name and his car, as well as whom you will share your ride with, what the cost is, and what the estimated arrival time of the car is.  Wow!  That’s a whole lot of technology coming together!).

IMG_5249 sm
This is the view of Pier 1 (far right), Pier 3 and Pier 5 along the Embarcadero, from the conference room we met in today, from the 20th floor in the Embarcadero Three building. The container ship in the background is probably on its way to the port of Oakland a little further into San Francisco Bay.
IMG_5259 sm
I love this 1920s Art Deco entrance to one of the condominium buildings in the Marina district. Not all of the buildings have entrances as nice as this one!

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