Friday/ Bernie Sanders in Seattle

The two remaining Democratic Party candidates for President of the United States are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  There was a Bernie Sanders for President rally in Seattle’s baseball stadium tonight. Some 15,000 people attended (a large crowd for a political rally). Sanders was on his home turf.  Washington State (or at least the Western part of it) is one of the bluest* in the nation.  And so Sanders ran through a litany of progressive issues still needing work in the USA : immigration reform, paid maternity and family leave, equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage, criminal justice reform, environmental issues and pollution, free college education and reduced student loan debt, infrastructure funding .. a long list.  The primary elections tomorrow are all about the Democrats, in the States of Washington, Hawaii and Alaska.

*Blue (state) on a political map of the USA means Democratic.  Red states are Republican.

IMG_3545 sm
Bernie Sanders in full flight mode (fight mode?) at the rally tonight in Seattle. ‘Don’t worry, Trump will not become President’ .. he may be right, but I will still worry.

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