Saturday/ Andy Grove’s legacy at Intel

Andrew Grove sm
The homepage of Intel paid tribute to Andy Grove with this picture.

Andy Grove, former CEO of the microprocessor manufacturing giant Intel, passed away on Monday March 21.  Here is an interesting article from Bloomberg Businessweek titled Silicon Valley’s First Giant, written by Jim Aley.

You can put it in pocket! The Intel Compute Stick is built into a chassis that measures approximately 0.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches, and weighs a mere 1.9 ounces.

P.S. I browsed around on Intel’s website to check out the latest microchip processors, and found an very interesting new form factor for a computer : the computer on a stick.   It is hard to believe what was crammed into this package. The stick has vents to keep it cool, and comes complete with a little power button, as well as a USB 2.0 and micro USB port.  The USB 2.0 port is for a keyboard and mouse. A micro SD slot allows storage expansion to 128 GB.  The stick comes loaded with Windows 10, and plugs into the HDMI port of a flat screen.   And there you have it, a working Windows 10 computer.  It sounds like science fiction, but it is not !

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