Monday/ biosphere update

I went to the dentist early Monday morning, and had some time to walk around the block nearby to check up on the construction of the Amazon biospheres.   There is still some way to go, but the frames are in place.

Here is what is on the drawing board (and nearing completion): the three biospheres in a park-like setting, and across the street Amazon’s new headquarters. (The slim building with the yellowish color on the far right).
IMG_3491 sm
The ‘Hello Kitty’ streetcar at its stop in downtown Seattle this morning. It is getting ready to head toward South Lake Union.
IMG_3496 sm
The unusual frameworks of the biospheres are up .. I hope working with the unusual shapes is not driving the construction workers crazy!
IMG_3499 sm
Here is the main entrance to the Amazon headquarters in the block right across from the biospheres.

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