Saturday/ house updates

When I was young, my dad would take all of us for drive around the neighborhood on Sunday afternoons, and he and my mom would point out houses for sale, or check out houses under construction.  I thought about that as I walked around my neighborhood and checked on the progress of houses getting built and fixed up this weekend.

Here is Exhibit A : the house that suffered a bad fire, that I wrote about in April 2015.   The house had been completely renovated inside: new roof, new floors, new plumbing, new kitchen cabinets, new bathroom fixtures, and new paint.  More than $220,000 spent on the renovation (!), says the write-up on the Zillow home listing website.

Then for ‘Exhibit B’ there is the old dilapidated house on a street corner nearby that was torn down, that I wrote about in July 2015.   Construction of a 5 unit townhouse set is progressing rapidly (picture below).

IMG_3309 sm
New townhouse construction on the corner of 16th Avenue and Thomas.

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