Wednesday/ going home

I got to go home on Wednesday, and I drove out to San Francisco airport with the hope of getting onto an earlier flight.  There was a 4.35 pm a 7.30 pm in addition to the confirmed seat I had on the 8.30 pm.  No 3 on the stand-by list for the 4.35 pm was not good enough, but I made it into a middle seat on the 7.30 pm : an acceptable trade-off for my window seat on the 8.30.

IMG_3232 sm
Here’s a Qantas Boeing 747-400 sitting at San Francisco Airport’s International Terminal on Wednesday afternoon.   The ‘Longreach’ on the nose could be seen to have a double meaning : the ‘long reach’ of the aircraft (a 15 hr flight to Sydney!), or Longreach, Queensland. Longreach is where Qantas commenced its operations in 1921.

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