Thursday/ ‘Little’ Marco and ‘Lying’ Ted

Man. What an embarrassment the Republican ‘Presidential’ debate on Thursday night in Detroit, Michigan, was.  (Quotes added since hardly any presidential demeanor was on display. It was a schoolyard brawl.) Donald Trump called Marco Rubio ‘Little Marco’ and Ted Cruz ‘Lying Ted’. Forget ‘Mister’ or ‘Senator’. Forget waiting your turn to speak.  Just interrupt as soon as the other guy starts talking. And is this exchange for real? (yes, it is, verbatim): Trump to Rubio joking about his anatomy. “He referred to my hands,” said Trump. “If they are small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there is no problem. I guarantee.”    The nation averts its eyes and covers its ears.

3-4-2016 10-12-18 PM
From : The 11th GOP debate, at the historic Fox Theatre in Detroit, may have been the most bruising yet for Donald Trump, as rivals Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz largely ignored each other to concentrate on the front-runner.  Photo by Paul Sancya/AP

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