Sunday/ Broadway, San Francisco

I picked up my rental car again today and drove up on 2-28-2016 10-14-06 PMHighway 101 from the airport through the city and onto Broadway.   Man!  There are plenty of one-way streets, stop signs, bus only and bike only lanes, and pedestrians to watch out for.  Once I reached Broadway, I told myself : park the car now; you cannot ogle at everything and drive at the same time.  I was shocked to actually find a parking space, but I did, and I could walk around a bit to explore Broadway and a few blocks close by.

IMG_3159 sm
Here is San Francisco City Hall, on Van Ness avenue.  (Van Ness is the Route 101 on the map with Broadway).  It is here where Harvey Milk was assassinated in 1978. Milk was an American politician who became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California. Sean Penn played his character in the 2008 biographical film about Milk’s life.
IMG_3175 sm
Beautiful detail from the San Francisco Public Schools Building across the street and a block or two down from City Hall.
IMG_3192 sm
Street art off Broadway in an alley.
IMG_3193 sm
It’s up and down around Broadway (it’s where the famous crooked Lombard Street is, as well), and I hope the little white truck’s handbrake is on t-i-g-h-t. Check out the steps on the sidewalks.
IMG_3198 sm
There is some eye-catching painted artwork on this building as well.
IMG_3203 sm
The City Lights Books store has creaky wood-board floors, rooms with wooden book-cases inside, and a basement filled that smells musty, of yellowed book pages. It brought back memories of my grandfather’s study with the walls of old books on them.
IMG_3211 sm
The iconic Transamerica Pyramid Center was completed in 1972. (It faced lots of criticism during its construction, though).  Check out the interesting green building just to its right ..
IMG_3217 sm
.. it is the Sentinel Building, completed in 1907 in the distinctive copper-green Flatiron style structure. (New York City has some of these buildings as well, and there is also one or two in Seattle).

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