Sunday/ welcome to Seattle

‘Please IMG_2517 smunderstand that our emotional unavailability is an expression of love’, says Sean Nelson in this week’s ‘Welcome to Seattle’ issue of The Stranger (our ‘alternative’ newspaper, alternative from proper, establishment newspapers).  He is referring to the famous Seattle Freeze, and tries to explain what it is and why it exists (and has trouble doing it, as do we all). Still, he says, in the end Seattle is like any other place in the world : a newcomer’s to navigate, to discover, and to ruin or to improve by the exact measure of the self that the person adds to it.  And we love Seattle and choose to live here ‘despite the fact that the weather is garbage, our rents have skyrocketed, our jobs have disappeared, our favorite bars have been shuttered, and our friends won’t return our texts.

IMG_2518 3 sm
Watch out for the mega-quake and tsunami, if you live in Seattle! (Artwork by Stephan Hohenthanner).

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