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I love newspapers, and even though I get the digital New York Times and two magazine subscriptions on-line, I still buy a paper paper from time to time. ┬áHere are some very cool pictures and articles from this weekend’s Wall Street Journal.

IMG_2469 sm
Yes, the Republicans are ‘upside down’ with Donald Trump being the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for President. (The elephant is the mascot of the Republican Party. A donkey is the mascot of the Democratic Party).
IMG_2470 sm
Earpieces that will offer real-time translation are near, says this article. I suspect Afrikaans will not be one of the first languages available for translation. Probably : English-Mandarin-Spanish-Japanese-French-German?
IMG_2478 sm
Maybe we can all open our eyes and look at our retirement accounts and 401(k) accounts now, here in the USA, now that January is over? Friday was a good day for the stock market.
IMG_2471 sm
Check out these cool pods on the ice in the Antarctic. Maybe our little houses on Mars will look like this as well, some day?
IMG_2475 sm
Djokovic won the Australian Open 2016, beating Roger Federer in the semis and Andy Murray in the finals. This article explains why he is such a formidable opponent.
IMG_2476 sm
Yaroslavl is a Russian city, the one which Bernie Sanders and his wife went to for their honeymoon. (It is a city with which Bernie as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, established a sister-city relationship with).

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