Monday/ walking to the gym

Monday was Martin Luther King Day here in the United States, so : no fretting about the stock market on the CNBC TV channel (with the stock market closed).  I walked down hill to the gym (and then when I’m done, I’m lazy/ tired, and I wait for the No 8 bus down below to give me a ride back up to the top of Capitol Hill !).

IMG_2342 sm
It was nice to feel the sun and see the blue sky on Monday as I made my way down the hill with Denny Way towards the gym. The downtown Seattle skyline keeps changing with the addition of tall new buildings. The one with the yellow on the side is Amazon’s. The iconic Space Needle is visible on the right, as well.
I found this photo on-line, dated Sept. 2015. It is an aerial photo of Amazon’s new biosphere buildings under construction. The largest one will be some eight stories tall. (Photo by Puget Sound Aerial Imaging)

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