Tuesday/ feeling a little squirmish?

Just when nydn-palin-trumpone thinks (have we not learned better by now?) one has seen it all with the Donald-Trump-for-President candidacy, he reaches into his top hat and pulls out another rabbit.  So there she was on Monday, Sarah Palin, John McCain’s 2008 Vice Presidential running mate, endorsing Mr Trump in a ‘meandering, fiery, sarcastic, patriotic and blustery speech that does not easily submit to categorization’, says The New York Times.   The tabloid Daily News was way more blunt : ‘I’m with Stupid!’ said their Tuesday edition front page, in the biggest letter font that they could fit onto it.

*Squirmish : a word used in the Palin speech (not sure if by accident or intentional).  Per the New York Times  ‘.. and, more notably, coins a new word, squirmishes, a cross between squirm (which means to wriggle the body from side to side) and skirmish (which means a brief fight or encounter between small groups). Twitter embraced the new term instantly’.

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