Sunday/ arrival in Hong Kong

I made it into Hong Kong airport late on Sunday night.   My layover is so long (16 hours!) that I could leave the airport to go to the Novotel Citygate hotel nearby for some sleep before the fourth and final segment of my travels to Perth, Australia.

IMG_1081 sm
Here is pepper the personal robot, in the Softbank store in Tokyo station. (I want one). The robot ‘notices’ you as you walk up by looking at you, and the tablet on its (his?) chest offers all kinds of services. I selected some music and Pepper did a little wave with his arms and swaying of his head as the music played. Don’t touch! Don’t hug! says the sign behind Pepper.
IMG_1130 sm
I took the Narita Express, the shinkansen (bullet train) to Narita Airport. At Tokyo station, two sets of cars are connected before the train leaves .. the on-lookers are watching the other section of train approaching (slowly).
IMG_1166 sm
Display ad for a capsule hotel stay at Narita Airport. I should try that some time, not? These are not for the claustrophobic traveller, I am sure.
IMG_1177 sm
A larger-than-life anime character at the entrance of the Akhihabara electronics store in Narita Airport.
IMG_1185 sm
.. and a giant stuffed My Neighbor Totoro character from the classic 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Totoro is a friendly forest creature.
IMG_1194 sm
We’re on the runway at Narita Airport, and Hong Kong bound. It is an All Nippon Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner under the floodlights.

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