Saturday/ shopping & sightseeing in Tokyo

Here are more pictures of my Tokyo experience from Friday and Saturday.

IMG_0784 sm
Mitsukoshi is a popular department store headquartered in Tokyo. At 10 am there was a long line of shoppers waiting for it to open .. and then they were warmly welcomed by the assistants are the door opened. I love the characters in the window. ‘Life is a gift’ says the slogan that goes with the pictures.
IMG_0802 sm
This display is in the WAKO Main Building, that houses a Seiko watch store among others. I ogled a US$2,000 Seiko Astron, a titanium watch with two dials : one for one’s home time zone, and another that syncs with GPS to the time zone that one has traveled to. Perfect for me, right? I resisted since I already have um, 4 Seiko watches.
IMG_0818 sm
Wow .. nice roof on this square koban (police box) building. Private ownership of guns is not allowed in Japan (imagine that!). The police do have guns, but don’t wear them, as a rule.
IMG_0838 sm
This is in Yodobashi Akiba, surely the world’s largest and fanciest electronics and appliances store. The shop assistant is getting two half scale Star Wars characters – Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper – ready for display. Each goes for about US$170.
IMG_0847 sm
Godzilla lives large in the Japanese monster imagination and the store offers many more varieties of creatures that are similar. Or maybe this is a modern-day Godzilla.
IMG_0854 sm
Don’t rush ! The gate is closing and the train begs the passenger to stop and wait for the next train. This is late at night, so not a lot of people around, but early Friday night I was in the fullest train EVER, one of those where we were pushed in like sardines. You cannot move your arms. Luckily my destination was just two stops away. ‘Excuse me, excuse me’, I said politely, and people spilled out of the train to let me out.
IMG_1015 sm
Tokyo Station’s 5½-year renovation was completed in 2012, in time for its 100 year anniversary in 2014. The station suffered heavy damage in World War II. This is the restored ceiling of one of the two domes in the station.
IMG_1035 sm
And here is the old main entrance. There is a much bigger modern entrance with an enormous white canopy and large JR Tokyo Station lettering on the opposite side of the building.
IMG_0964 sm
This is a new elevated and automated metro line (three years old), so the train has no driver. I am on the way to Odaiba (お台場), a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. The bridge is the Rainbow Bridge.
IMG_0953 sm
And look! The Statue of Liberty* with the Rainbow Bridge now in the background. *A replica, of course.

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