Wednesday/ connection in Vancouver

Alaska Airlines made me sweat a little by being 30 mins late with the short hop up to Vancouver. (Can we leave already? How about NOW?).  Our Bombardier arrived late, and then there was a snafu with transmitting the load balancing numbers to the pilot.  (It was printed and brought out to the plane).   But the Canadian customs process and baggage claim was very efficient (they have scanning machines now for the customs declaration for US passport holders), and I even had a little time to spare to catch my flight out to Tokyo.

IMG_0654 sm
Here we are walking up to board our Bombardier Q400 propeller jet place, bound for Vancouver.
IMG_0669 sm
Canada has maple leafs and moose, says the Starbucks coffee mug (and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police ‘Mounties’ hat) on the far right.
IMG_0661 sm
This is not a polar bear : it is a Kermode bear (also called a ‘spirit bear’ ), and actually a subspecies of the North American black bear. About 1 in 10 of the bears in the population have a cream or a white coat.

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