Thursday night/ arrival in Tokyo

My flight to Tokyo went without incident, and the airline staff were super helpful and friendly.  It was 7.30 pm Tokyo time when we had arrived, and commuters were still leaving the office, so the monorail train from Haneda airport got crowded a few stops down.  But that got me to the nearest metro station, and I could get to Tokyo Station from there.  (My Marriott Courtyard hotel is close to Tokyo Station). Of course, the station is very big, so I could not find the hotel immediately.  Tired and with two bags in tow, I went for Plan B : got into a taxi to take me there.  The cabby’s English was poor (and my Japanese non-existent), but I could tell he was taking me to the wrong Courtyard (there is one in Ginza as well) .. so I just called the right Courtyard Hotel and asked them to give him directions .. and hey! I have a bed to sleep in.

Here’s our Dreamliner 787 flying machine at Vancouver airport. i have to say : inside it did not feel a whole lot of difference from other aircraft ! But there are a few changes in the cabin such as : no physical shutters on the windows .. they are darkened to a choice of 6 shades by a button below the window; and the faucet and flush button in the toilet are motion activated. Our plane did not have wi-fi on board.
IMG_0681 sm
It was 10 hr flight to Tokyo, and actually a straight shot when looked at on the globe.
IMG_0719 sm
Man! I was happy to see some English translation coming up on this display board. There is a monorail train from Haneda airport to the nearest metro station. And from there I took a metro train to Tokyo Station.
IMG_0733 sm
My Marriott Courtyard Tokyo Station hotel room is barely big enough to fit the queen size bed into, but there is no problem with that! I just need a bed to sleep in.

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