Thursday/ downtown Chico

I drove back to Sacramento airport on Thursday, taking Highway 99 (it runs through Chico).  I would have loved to spend more time walking around Chico, or even to stop in Sacramento, but there just was no time for that.  The airport is north of the city of Sacramento, so I did not get to see any of the California capital.  Maybe next time!

IMG_0556 sm
The Madison Bear Garden is a sports bar and eatery in a historic building. The California State University of Chico campus is close by. A lot of the local economy is tied to CSU in Chico.
IMG_0557 sm
This is the Bidwell Presbyterian Church.
IMG_0562 sm
The Chico Museum is close by. The City of Chico was founded in 1860 by John Bidwell, a member of one of the first wagon trains to reach California in 1843. Chico was home to a significant Chinese American community when it was first incorporated, but arsonists burned Chico’s Chinatown in February 1886, driving Chinese Americans out of town [Source : Wikipedia].
IMG_0567 sm
Another church with interesting stained glass windows. I did not write down the name.


IMG_0595 sm
Back at Sacramento Airport, and this time I could take a close-up picture of the giant silly wed wabbit.

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