Wednesday/ substation x2

We walked by the substation to the Substation to get a sandwich for lunch today. Inside they played ’80s music : Come On Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners, 1983) and Tainted Love (Soft Cell, 1981).  The guy behind the counter inquired ‘Which part of the Empire are you from?’ as soon as I placed my order.   I should have said the Galactic Empire* but instead said ‘South Africa, but I now live in Seattle‘.  Ah, and you speak Afrikaner (sic)?. Yes yes, I said, my native language is Afrikaans.

*A Star Wars reference

IMG_0581 sm
Here’s the substation that serves up low-voltage electricity ..
IMG_0579 sm
.. and here is the Sub Station that serves up sub sandwiches.

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