Monday/ Sacramento Airport

IMG_0534 sm
I drove up north toward Chico, after arriving at Sacramento airport. 
IMG_0538 sm
This 10 ft tall standing trumpet is by gate B15.
IMG_0540 sm
There are two reflections of me in the picture (white shirt and gray pants).
IMG_0543 sm
This giant leaping red rabbit is 56 ft long and 15 ft high. It was made by Denver artist Lawrence Argent, from steel and aluminum and cost a whopping $767,000.

Here are some pictures of my arrival at Sacramento airport. The airport is not nearly as big as San Francisco International or the sprawling LAX (Los Angeles) airport, but I the Terminal B where I had arrived is practically brand-spanking new (it opened in 2011).  The $1 billion terminal contains $6 million of public art.  Its construction created some 2,400 jobs over 2 1/2 years during a recession that had left state and regional unemployment hovering around 12 percent.

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