The Weekend

The days are short here in the Northern Hemisphere – sunset is a little after 4 pm – so I feel I have to strike out and run my errands early on.   I have done well : had my hair cut, cleaned my house, charged my car’s dead battery*, took some old pillows, wheeled suitcases and an oven toaster to Goodwill, a big box of used packing ‘peanuts’ to the UPS store for them to re-use, did my laundry, and packed my bags for one last trip for 2015 to California in the morning. It’s to Sacramento this trip, with a drive up north from the airport.

*I did not shut the driver’s door properly, and the dome light drew down the battery’s charge.  Hmm.  And I want to get an electrical car.  I will have to do better, right?

IMG_4466 sm
Here is Seattle’s Pike Place Market featured on Yahoo’s weather app showing Sunday night’s weather. It’s been a rainy weekend, but not too cold in the city (53°F is 12°C).

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